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Origin Stories : Hesey Designs

Some mornings you wake up and tell yourself enough is enough. You look at the past and decide that you want to change the status quo. It is at this point that many great people have attained breakthrough.

This was the state Eseoghene Odiete-Ehikhumelo, Creative Director of Hesey Designs, found herself in 2011, when the Nigerian labour market said No. The same ‘No’ that leaves a large number of the youth populace unemployed. The ‘No’ that made 6.5 million people in all 37 states of Nigeria (including the FCT) to storm various recruitment centers in the country for 4,000 vacant positions in the Nigeria Immigration Service.

She decided enough was enough and created her own ‘Yes’, as shared in her story in the video below. Little wonder, her brand has been recognized globally via platforms like CNN and even Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group.

So now, you know that you too can, why not take it further by learning how Ese attained such mastery in the field of Fashion accessories by checking out this course on ‘Making Ankara Bags’. Pre-order and get an early-bird discount today.

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