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The Wedding Party 2 and Our Instructor

A review of our thoughts on one of Nigeria's most successful movies

Raise your hands if you watched The Wedding Party [2] in the cinemas. I definitely did with my lover. *wink wink* Of course I don’t like to laugh alone or be bored extra if the movie turns out to be boring, or cry without being comforted? Naa that’s not fun. Reminds me of when when I watched ‘Fault in our Stars’ that awesome year it came out. *opens floodgates of mushy tears*. Buahahaha just kidding.

As for ‘The Wedding Party 2’, it was a good laugh anyway and I was glad to have a laughing partner. Well, this movie is still showing in some cinemas across Nigeria so it might be a good idea to be like me; see the movie with your lover, before it stops showing. You can start your Valentine’s Day celebration already.

I saw TWP2 the weekend it hit Nigerian cinemas, and even though there’s a debate about which was more interesting between TWP1 and TWP2, my pick is definitely TWP 2. That’s my opinion anyways [feel free to share yours in the comments section below]. Variety is the spice of life, you know.

A Success?
This movie in question raked in some over 75 million Naira in one week at the box office! I wish that money would just be transferred to my account and in dollars preferably. But I can manage Naira, I am not arrogant at all.


High points
There was so much I liked about TWP 2, and some aspects I did not quite fancy. However, I will emphasize more on what I liked in this article – the world is already full of so much negativity. I am all about the good and the beautiful here. Please sip some tea if you are rolling your eyes already but keep reading. 🙂

The Main Actress and Supporting acts rocking Artsmith Collection neck pieces


  1. I liked the fact that the movie production quality was excellent and it showed good level of investment in the movie. It was meant to be a destination wedding and that was portrayed nicely.
  2. Characters did not overshadow each other as it seemed at some point in TWP 1. In TWP 1, Shola Shobowale seemed to be the life of the party and the movie while some other characters were not fully milked [e.g. Frank Donga – that character is one crazy dude anyday].
  3. The “Oyibos” acted well. Michael de Pinna as Geoffrey Winston was a combination of funny, hilarious, ignorant and sarcastic in one character. Daniella Down as Deardre Winston delivered her part excellently and was quite an adorable character. Lynitta Crofford as Mrs Winston wasn’t bad as well.
  4. The movie soundtrack selection was spot on.
  5. Now, this is certainly what I love the most about TWP2. Our own Gbenga-Ayo Dada was the OFFICIAL JEWELLERY DESIGNER. ***insert drumroll****
Signature Neck piece by Artsmith Collections
Sola Sobowale rocking the Artsmith Collection neckpiece

I think you should take the Beginners’ and Intermediate Jewellery Design course by Gbenga Ayo-Dada and you too can learn the tricks and secrets that made Gbenga stand out. Who says you can’t become the next official jewellery designer in a Hollywood movie.

Did I hear you laugh? With God all things are possible my dear. Just start by taking the course. The Lord will take it from there. We are super proud of our instructors any day. The beauty is that we are your learning companion anywhere in the world.

What else do you love about TWP 2? Did you watch it alone or with company? Share your reviews below please and remember it’s February the month of Love!

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